Bloomington Little League is a member of the Southwest Coaches League (SWCL). The SWCL creates a schedule, sets rules, keeps records, and facilitates an end of season tournament to determine league champions.

The only exception is 3/4th baseball, which is a member of Crawford-Grant Little League and follows their rules. There are also some non-league games played by other teams that may follow other league’s rules.

2022 Rule Books

7/8th Girls Softball
5/6th Girls Softball
3/4th Girls Softball

7/8th Boys Baseball
5/6th Boys Baseball
3/4th Boys Baseball

Pitching & Base Distances

7/8th Softball
Bases: 60ft
Pitching: 43ft

5/6th Softball
Bases: 60ft
Pitching: 40ft

3/4th Softball
Bases: 60ft
Pitching 35ft

7/8th Baseball
Bases: 80ft
Pitching: 55ft

5/6th Baseball
Bases: 70ft
Pitching: 50ft

3/4th Baseball
Bases: 60ft
Pitching: Coach Pitch (or 43ft)