Outfield Fence Sign Sponsorship

The Bloomington Village Board approved Bloomington Park Little League raising funds for the Little League Program by selling sponsorship signage for the outfield fence on Field A.

Beyond the cost of producing the sign, 100% of the sponsorship funds go to Bloomington Park Little League ensure it can continue for years to come. With increasing costs associated with equipment, fees, umpires, additional funding is needed to help make sure that the individual cost for participating kids/families remains affordable and accessible to everyone.

Outfield 4′ x 8′ Signage

The outfield signs are produced on a 6mm Alumalite board by Wolf’s Grantland Graphics (WGG). The cost for producing the sign (one-time fee) is in addition to the annual sponsorship. These large signs will be hung on the outfield fence on Field A at the park and remain up year-round. There are 38 total spaces available.

Sponsorship Cost

Outfield sign sponsors may commit in one of two ways:

10-Year Sponsorship: Paid $2,000 in full, or $200/year

5-Year Sponsorship: Paid $1,250 in full, or $250/year

The sponsorships are paid directly to Bloomington Little League to be used for equipment, league & tournament fees, umpires, and assisting with park upgrades & maintenance.

When sponsorship begins, sponsors work with Wolf’s Grantland Graphics (WGG) to create the sign. This ensures seamless communication during the design process and proofs. (Let them know it’s for Bloomington Park). The one-time cost of the sign is $450 – payable to Wolf’s Grantland Graphics. Contact WGG at (608) 723-4800.

Sponsorship checks are payable to Bloomington Park Little League.

Questions? Want to sponsor? Contact R.J. Osterhaus at (608) 988-7189, PO Box 53, Bloomington, WI 53804.

Click here to download printable information via PDF

Other Sponsorship / Donation Opportunities

Donations of any kind are always welcome. Families and businesses who would like to contribute can contact any member of the Bloomington Little League committee. All donations of $50 or more will be recognized on a list banner at the park for the current league season. Donors who wish to remain anonymous shall remain so.